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1. Brickwork

When you consider buying an apartment in a new building, first make an investigation on the construction materials used, so you can figure how comfortable it will be. Indoor and outdoor brickwork has a very important role: to attenuate major heat loss and soundproof. It is useful that the brickwork to be a non-bearing one, this means not to depend on it the building support, in order to ensure a flexible arrangement of inside space and the possibility of a more extensive glazed areas. At Citadela Residence, exterior and interior brickwork is made of Wienerberger bricks, world leader in the production of bricks. Outside we use 25 cm Porotherm, 30 cm type between apartments and 11.5 cm type inside, providing a high thermal protection and sound insulation and a high level of intimacy so necessary between homes.

2. Thermo-System

Thermo-System represents the protection that a building has in order to defend itself against external environment and climate. The buildings are provided on the outside with an additional layer of expanded polystyrene (brick or rock wool), being this way protected against water infiltration, and maintaining heat inside in the winter season.  When buying an apartment, consider these aspects, on which will depend your future comfort. Citadela Residence buildings are provided with a 15 cm thermo-system, EPS 80 (resistant to compression in time), compared to current standards that provide a thickness of minimum 5 cm. As the thermal thickness is greater, the costs to ensure heating decrease, the lifetime of the building increases, it eliminates thermal bridges and improves indoor climate immersion. It also avoids condensation and mildew.


3. Waterproofing

The roof (waterproofing), the upper construction part, which insulates and protects the building against external agents, can be a cause of stress for residents of the upper floors, if this is not constructed after a certain standard. We advise you to ask in advance about the waterproofing materials used by the manufacturer to be sure that the building will not be in time infiltrated with water. The terrace roof, provided by Citadel Residence project, is made of reinforced concrete and extruded polystyrene stratification of 20 cm to ensure hydro and thermal insulation. Such terrace has several benefits: it has a protective role, insulates and defenses against external agents, it is very easy to repair because it is easily accessed from the staircase and it also gives the building a modern look.

4. Floor screed

Floating floor screed is the one that cushions the vibrations and greatly reduces the noise transmission between floors. Nobody likes to hear the neighbors above stomping or how their children jump on one foot in the entire apartment, so it is essential that the floor to be fitted with floating screed, ensuring peace and give the neighbors the right to jump on one leg. At Citadela Residence the floating screeds is an independent one, with dilations space, so it won’t damage because of the temperature variations. It provides an excellent thermal insulation using 4 cm extruded polystyrene.


5. Thermal plant

The thermal comfort of a home is indispensable in winter, so most of the flats buildings in Romania gave up at district heating plants and instead they have opted for an individual heating system. In this way, each tenant can adjust the temperature inside his house as he likes. All apartments from the 10 buildings of Citadela have a 24 kW thermal plant, belonging to the prestigious Ferroli concern. The heating system has isolated and discrete elements masked, without involving visual and functional discomfort. Thermal plant network is embedded in the floor and walls, with dispensers for balancing, and the pipes are insulated without connections in screed, in order to avoid condensation, screed cracking and possible flooding.


6. Exterior joinery

Rarely we see a home that doesn’t have thermopane windows. The apartment where you live has to be well soundproofed, the windows must be resistant to burglary and not involve risks of accidents, their glass must be treated and filter out heat. It is very important not to confront with problems caused by condensation. The exterior joinery used at Citadela Residence has a 6 rooms PVC profile (Gealan S8000 anthracite gray, 44 mm laminate 6 - Low - secure FI 6) and the glass package is a tripan one,  with three sheets of glass. This means that you are three times more likely not to be bothered by external noise and keep heat inside the apartment. Ironmongery is Roto NT, the renowned German manufacturer with 80 years of experience. Given the incredible view of Faget forest and the panorama of Cluj-Napoca city, we decided to allow more customers to enjoy it through the panoramic glass areas. We made them using tempered glass for the safety of our customers.

7. Access

No matter in what part of town you decide to live, the road access and infrastructure are a minimum of comfort needed.  We need sidewalks and paved roads and a great real estate developer offers them to its clients. The access road to Citadela Residence is asphalted, as well as the one that surrounds the complex.  Between the flats buildings will be constructed modern paved walk paths, enhancing pedestrian circulation between all 10 blocks.

8. Parking and storage boxes

When you return home, finding a parking spot should not be stressful. Verify that you have the opportunity to buy a parking space or a garage where you can park your car safely and where access is provided. On Citadel Residence we provide even three kinds of parking of which customers can choose exactly what they need: subterranean, covered outdoor and simple outdoor. Also in the basement of every building we arranged storage boxes where you store any indispensable or big objects.

9. Safety and Comfort

Think in perspective. Ask for the potential of the district in which you’ll move in, find out what is the degree of comfort that the developer offers you and make sure that there is a high level of safety. Citadela complex was designed based on these two elements that inspire confidence: security and comfort. All 10 buildings have human and video guard, the complex is closed and the access is made through secure gates, card based access and interphone. Inside, where only pedestrian access is possible we arranged walk paths and a playground for children.

Quality Construction - Apartments in Citadela Residence

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